We feature monthly art exhibits on the first Friday of the month by local artists in our Paintbox Gallery.

Family-friendly, light refreshments.  Free and open to the public.

Friday, September 1, 2017    Bob Holmes

Born in Newton, Iowa in 1958, Bob attended the University of Northern Iowa where he graduated with a degree in Art Education in 1981. He then moved to Illinois with his wife Patti and taught art at Geneva Middle School until his retirement in 2015. While teaching he earned a MS in Art Education and a MA in Studio Art with an emphasis in painting from Northern Illinois University. Bob also served with the Illinois National Guard from 1985-1991. Bob has attended workshops with Jeanne Mackenzie, Phil Starke, Tom Lynch, Tony Couch, Tony VanHasselt, and Andy Evansen. He currently resides in the small town of Millington, Illinois where he persues painting full time.  “Although I have never lived on a farm I have always been drawn to the rural life of small towns and farms. As a child growing up in Iowa I remember vividly running around my uncles farm with my cousins, or fishing and swimming with friends along a river. As a family we would head out to farms to pick mushrooms on a weekend every April and May. Now, as an artist, I want to invoke feelings of the serenity and happiness I felt from these times. Capturing a quiet and reflective moment of the sun setting on a farm or melting snow along a gravel road as winter begins to give way to spring are some of the things I’m after. For me the graineries and farm buildings are monuments to the hard working and humble people that built them. By painting such scenes I feel it’s just my small way of helping to preserve our American heritage.”

Friday, October 6, 2017        Rebecca Reed

Rebecca Ann Reed is a visual artist and painter with Asperger’s who specializes in the exploration of color. Her grandfather Quinto Credi, who was also an artist, put the first paint brush in her hand and got her started along the path of creating. She is a member of River Valley Visuals and one of the artists that was hand picked to work the Silo Pathways Project.

*Saturday, November 4, 2017    John Kettman

The Rtistik Creations of John Kettman.

John Kettman relocated to LaSalle in 2007. “Art has always been my passion. I’ve always been a people person and find that meeting people is just as interesting as it is creating portraits of them” Over the last 10 years his artwork has opened many doors and he’s had the privilege of meeting movies stars and famous rock bands. “World fame came to me after painting Donald Trump on a $5.00 pumpkin.   It was hard to believe the photo on social media had over 1 million LIKES on it in three days. I was also contacted by the head producer from NBC Studio   in New York and asked to create images of the five news anchors from Good Morning America. They were then broadcasted on live television.” He then began to experiment with painting and carving on anything and everything, all different types of mediums from rice to cheese crackers to matchsticks and pencil tops. “I am a true believer in the Law of Attraction, it’s given me limitless capabilities to create anything.” John is currently available for hire on contract jobs and does caricatures for a variety of occasions and business function.











ART Birthday Parties for kids age 7 thru adult

art-2 art-1

Girls Night Out Painting Parties on the last Friday of the month or book a private painting party!

Watch the Music Suite 408 Facebook Page under EVENTS for details

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Saturday Morning Paint-A-Longs!

Family-friendly Saturday morning painting classes are great for kids age 7 and up!  Bring your parent/grandparent and everyone can paint.  Looking for a fun “birthday present” for grandma or grandpa?  They really don’t “need or want” anything except maybe some time with the grandkids.  Here’s a great fun activity!  Prepay applies to secure your spot in class.  

Paint-A-Longs 10:00am – 11:30am (ish) and class size is limited.
Led by art educator, Mary Janusick

No experience necessary.   All materials are included.

Watch the Music Suite 408 Facebook page for the most current classes as we list the paintings as”events”.


Also Designer & Certified Gemologist Arica DeArcos     Busy Beads Classes for age 6 and up adults welcome.  

BYOB & private jewelry making parties available.

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