Society of Young Inklings

Meredith Donahue, Educator

How Inklings Classes Work:
Through Society of Young Inklings’ unique blend of active theatre games, students will create their own unique short stories.  In each workshop we explore the essential elements of story.  During writing time the instructor circulates to individualize the learning process for each student.  On the last day of class, all writers have the opportunity to share their masterpieces with family and friends.

“Play your way to the page!”

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One on One Writing Mentorships

Quality Individualized Writing Instruction!
We pair professional writers with students in order to provide passionate, quality mentorship.  All of our instructors use the unique Inklings methodology which sparks the imagination and provides engaging tools that break the writing process into manageable steps.

Our Program:

Boot Camp Mentorships:  Our Boot Camps focus on essential writing skills, such as organization, voice and grammar in a quick paced format to build writing muscle.

Intensive Mentorships: Our Intensives focus on specific genres, building confidence and master of the form.  Our Master the Essay program has helped numerous young writers excel in testing situations.

 Blueprints Mentorships: Our Blueprints Mentorships focus on creative writing, helping young authors develop everything from short stories to novels.  Along the way, students learn to apply their skills to academic writing tasks as well

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Your Name in Ink: Young Inklings Publishing Mentorship Program

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